Windows Nano Server “Instance DefaultGateway already exists”

While building out a lab environment for my MCSA 2016 studies, I came across an error while deploying one of my Nano Server images:

I received the “Instance DefaultGateway already exists” error. This error occurs when you add the default gateway, change the IP address or enable DHCP, and then try to use the same IP address and gateway as before. For me, I set the IP and gateway, enabled DHCP, decided not to use it and disabled it, and then tried to manually set a hardcoded IP again. Nano Server kept the default gateway ( in the routing table, so when I tried to toggle DHCP and set the IP address again manually, it still had the default route stuck.


The FIX:

Go back to the Recovery Console, then go to Networking, select your network adapter, and then press F10 to alter the routing table. After that, find the index for your gateway route (in my case, route index 3), press the DELETE key, and then type in the index number and press enter. If you don’t immediately see your route in the Routing table, you may have to use the down arrow to scroll. After deleting the route, you’ll now be able to add in your Default Gateway IP address in the IP Configuration area.



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